Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Grazia Fever

We are getting ready for Kingly Court's big night tomorrow when Grazia and squilllions of its readers head to the courtyard and Carnaby in general for the summer version of Grazia night(also held in November). Most stores,including us, give 20% off for the evening. There are lots of freebie drinks and bits and bobs, plus some entertainment. It is all v good fun,except we do get a bit shirty towards the end of the evening when there are a few drunken boyfriends -who have got drunk because girlfriend has done some proper shopping-who think knitted cakes,cacti and cosies are hilarious and we are not to be mocked for our quirkiness,no thanks.

Actually there are a few courtyard shops who don't even stay open let alone give 20% discount so we are not that shirty.

So not to put a downer on the evening and to show that we are not feisty about it (yet),sign up at for your voucher.

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