Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Can't Knit-Won't Knit?

Join us,this, our first post on the blog where we hope to keep you update on all things going on at All the Fun of the Fair.

Unfortunately we are not very full of the joys of spring. Our owner,Buzz, is off sick and has been so for nearly 2 months. She suffered a mini-stroke,and although recovering well now is not well enough to return to work quite yet. She is frustrated and bored BIG TIME and can't even knit. So we are touting for ideas of what she should do to USEFULLY spend her time at home in between ferocious physio sessions and Frank Spenceresque trips out in the wheelchair being pushed by im indoors.Any creative ideas and cheery messages will not go unnoticed.

One cheery message that we can impart is that next week on Thursday 14th Grazia magazine have a shopping evening here at Kingly Court and most shops,including us will be offering a whopping 20% off. You need to sign up for the festivities at www.carnaby.couk

Another blog post soon

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