Thursday, 28 May 2009

Christmas in May

Now, we know all monthly magazines have sorted out all their Christmas issues and lots of shops are doing their Christmas buying and makers have started doing their Christmas making, but we are firmly taking our time in what we are doing here for Christmas. Not that we haven't been asked by posh stores what we are making for them for Christmas.

So,just in case we completely mess up our Christmas buying and making, can we just say what is wrong with our lovely 2008 collection of knitted gingerbread men,Christmas pudding teacosies and the odd knitted robin.

Christmas is at the wrong time isn't it?No sooner are the summer holidays over then it is straight into October and the gloom that those dark days bring.Then with half-term sneaks up and hey presto its full on Christmas.Not that we are moaning but our owner,Buzz, is so THE busiest person at Christmas that she sort of,er, goes on about it a bit.Her old man is a vicar, her children choristers and she runs a shop.On Christmas day she has to be in 4 different places at the same time (3 churches and inventing Christmas magic at home).If you think you are busier than Buzz at Christmas-let us know.She is getting a bit smug.

Actually on the subject of Christmas and knitting,what is it about the colour RED that you can't find a good one in a ball of yarn?You can keep your neon red,your blood red, your cherry red-please can someone tell us a yarn that is red and proper Christmas red.When we know we will start knitting for Christmas......

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